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Nissin Corporation Environment Policy

Corporate Goal

Nissin Corporation and its affiliated companies consider it vitally important that economic growth is attained in harmony with the needs to conserve environment. Nissin group strive to reduce the amount of environmental load and continue every effort to contribute to the sustainable development of our society as a leading global logistics provider as well as a good corporate citizen in the spirit of "Renovate Yourself Every Day", that is, the meaning of our corporate name "Nissin".

Principal Activities

  1. We strive to reduce the emission of pollutants to improve continuously our living surroundings by establishing environmental objectives and targets that will be reviewed periodically.
  2. We observe applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as various agreements related to our business operation.
  3. We make every effort to reduce the amount of natural resources and energy to be consumed for our activities so that the amount of wastes should be minimized.
  4. We endeavor to provide environment-friendly logistics services with consideration to prevent global warming and to reduce the amount of air pollutants.
  5. We make Nissin Corporation Environment Policy understood by all employees through trainings and announce the Policy to the public.

Established: October 1, 2000
Revised: January 1, 2004
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