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Corporate Information September 25, 2012

Entry into Photovoltaic Power Generation (Mega-Solar) Project

Nissin intends to install new solar panels at its warehouse in Sakai City, Osaka (Sakai Logistics Center) and enter into the photovoltaic power generation business.

  1. 1.Purpose of Business Entry

    Against a background of strengthening social demands concerning environmental and energy issues, along with expectations for photovoltaic power generation as a means of eliminating uncertainties over electric power supplies, Nissin will strive to contribute to local communities and reduce its environmental impacts by entering into the photovoltaic power generation business.

  2. 2.Overview of the Business Plan
    • 1) Location of installation: Sakai Logistics Center

      Chikkoyawatamachi, Sakai Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

    • 2) Installed area:Approximately 8,800 m2
    • 3) Number of photovoltaic panels installed:Approximately 6,600
    • 4) Planned electric power generation capacity, annual electric power generation volume, annual reduction of CO2 volume
      • (1) Electric power generation capacity: Approximately 1,270 KW (approximately 1.3 MW)
      • (2) Annual electric power generation volume: Approximately 1,200 thousand KWH (equivalent to approximately 260 general households)
      • (3) Annual reduction of CO2 volume: Approximately 370 tons
    • 5) Period of operation: Scheduled start of construction work during 2012, and operation in March 2013

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