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Corporate Information November 15, 2012

Acquisition of Additional Equity of Nissin India

We, Nissin Corporation have made the decision to acquire the titled equity to increase shares ratio of our consolidated subsidiary in India - Nissin ABC Logistics Private Limited (hereinafter "Nissin India"), as follows. The acquisition value is approxi. JPY 600 million, and our capital contribution ratio will be increased from 51.0% to 95.0%.

1. Reason for Acquisition of Additional Equity  
Nissin India, since established in 1999, have been growning steadily with focusing on domestic logistics business in India. In development of such business in India, there have been increased the number of Japanese affiliated companies into India, and demands for the freight forwarding services extended to the cargo originating ex and bound for India have been augmented rapidly. And now, it happens the rising of strong needs for implementation of the high-quality, safety and authentic cross-border logistics services.
In responding to such needs, we will aspire, under a more robust business structure to be enabled by the acquisition of additional shares of Nissin India, to further strengthening the freight forwarding business in India through not only upgrading and expanding the sales infrastructure in North India but also development of business footholds in South India, and eventually to enhancing the Nissin Group's global networks..
2. Overview of Nissin India
Name of Company: Nissin ABC Logistics Private Limited  
  (2) Location of headquarters: Kolkata, Republic of India  
  (3) Representative: Takeshi Hirosawa  
  (4) Capital: 20 million India rupee  
  (5) Investors: Nissin Corporation 51.00%  
    ABC India Limited 24.00%  
    ABC Financial Services Private Limited 10.00%  
    Sweta Financial Services Private Limited 8.18%  
    Manilinks Enclave Private Limited 6.82%  
  (6) Date of establishment: May 21, 1999  
  (7) Business lines: International transport, warehousing, and customs clearance businesses  
  (8) Total share outstanding: 1,100,000  
  (9) Turnover: Approximately 680 million India rupee (2011)  
3. Number of Shares to be Acquired and Status of Shares Held Before and After Acquisition
  (1) Number of shares held before transfer: 561,000 (Shareholding ratio : 51.0%)  
  (2) Number of shares to be acquired: 484,000 (Ratio of number of issued shares : 44.0%)  
  (3) Number of shares held after transfer: 1,045,000 (Shareholding ratio : 95.0%)  
4. Period of Acquisition of Shares
  Acquisition of shares is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2012.
5. Future Outlook
  There is no impact on Nissin's consolidated financial results in conjunction with the establishment of the joint-venture company.

Inquiries concerning this matter

Toshiyoshi Nakagome, General manager of the Sales Planning Department, Nissin Corporation
TEL: 03-3238-6507

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