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Nissin Corporation Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic Philosophy

We at Nissin Corporation consider protecting Personal Information We collected in the course of undertaking our business as one of the most important responsibilities which requires largest managerial consideration, as we are making every effort to obtain the reliance, by offering high quality logistics service throughout the world.

Privacy Policy

  1. 1.In addition to complying with all laws, regulations and ordinances related to the protection of Personal Information, we adopt and implement practices for the appropriate handling of Personal Information.
  2. 2.We establish clear internal regulations regarding the handling of Personal Information and make these regulations known to all our employees. In addition, we require our business partners and contractors to handle all Personal Information in an appropriate manner.
  3. 3.Upon acquiring any Personal Information, we will specify the purpose for which that information will be used, make a notification or public announcement of that purpose, and only deal with the Personal Information within the scope of that specified purpose.
  4. 4.We will establish the necessary measures and engage in the appropriate supervision to prevent any disclosure or loss of, or tampering with, any Personal Information.
  5. 5.If we receive a request from any customer in relation to whom we have custody of Personal Information, to disclose, correct, delete or discontinue using that information, we will respond accordingly in good faith.

May 2018
(Initial version drafted on April 2005)
Nissin Corporation